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Textiles at low prices from Bulgaria
Price on request
Milkov 63, SMLLC, BG
Our company have a permanent contract with State Reserve of Bulgaria about realization of goods from State Reserve on the Bulgarian Commodity...
Guide, driver in Kyrgyzstan, travel, hiking, excursions, tou
Price on request
Колесников Д., SP, Bishkek +9 ads
Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! My name is Daniel. I organize tours and excursions in this country. I like meeting the guests and give them love and warmth...
Guide chauffeur au Kirghizistan tourism voyages excursions,
Price on request
Колесников Д., SP, Bishkek +9 ads
Bienvenue au Kirghizistan! Je m'appelle Daniel. J'organise des voyages dans ce pays. J'aime rencontrer des touristes et transmettre à eux de...
"Ryazan machine-building plant" CNC lathe
som 777,777/pc
Рязанский..., LLC, RU
"Ryazan machine-building plant" is a leading company specializing in the design and creation of CNC lathes , including such types as universal ,...
Price on request
SanSa Logistic, GmbH, DE
Our company is engaged in the sale and purchase of Euro-pallets. We are interested in the pallets that you sell. We will be glad to deal with...
Price on request
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ +12 ads
We offer basic oil oils (SN180, SN350, SN600) from producers in the Caspian region, at a fixed price (the price is formed at the plant). Type of...
Price on request
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLP, KZ +12 ads
Aviation kerosene of the TS-1 brand according to the price formula "Platt's" "FOB MED (Italy)", the line " Jet AV Fuel.", discount, the premium is...
6mm Wood Pellet for Export
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Wood pellet Diameter 6 -8mm Density >1100kg/m3 Moisture content 6% Ash content 0,48% Sulfur content <0.01 Caloric value 4342- 5016...
0.12/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
from €0.07/pc
Kisson Agro, LLC, UA
Dear Sirs My name is Arkadii i'm export manager of Kisson Agro company. Our company is manufacturer of different fertilizer. We will be glad send...
Top Quality Wood Briquettes
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Specifications We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives. RUF briquettes are...
Aluminum Used Beverage Can
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
Ubc Aluminum Scrap Cans Aluminum Scrap cans Specifications The purity of UBC aluminium is 96%. Aluminum UBC Scrap for more infromation do...
Induction furnace for melting 500 kg of steel
$69,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
Selling industrial foundry equipment: Induction furnace for melting 500 kg of steel. We can make this melting furnace: induction furnace for...
Redbull Energy Drink 250 ml
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We supply original redbull and monster energy drink with the below specifications. owing to timely deliveries and focus on 100% customer...
Nescafe Gold
Price on request
AVCN AS, PAO, RU +7 ads
We have regular large-scale offer for Nescafe Classic / Nescafe Original / Nescafe Gold / Nescafe 3 in 1 instant coffee We offer a collage...
Test bench with hydraulic brake 16 MW and more
$16,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
We carry out the calculation, with the subsequent manufacture and turn-over of the test site and running-in of high-speed high-power units...
Equipment for the repair of gas-turbine engines gas pipeline
$1,600,000/Комплект (компл) CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
Completion of an enterprise for the repair of industrial gas-turbine engines used in gas-compressor stations: - gas-compressor stations:...
Test bench with 30 MW load device
$1,600,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
Production - Test benches with the use of a load device (turbo-generator, hydraulic brake or other) with a capacity of 30 MW. We carry out the...
Test bench gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce
$1,600,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial GTE firms Rolls-Royce used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Rolls-Royce models: Avon,...
Test bench gas turbine engine SOLAR
$1,600,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
Production, sale. Test bench of industrial gas turbine engines manufactured by SOLAR used in gas compressor stations and power plants. Models:...
Solar Gas Turbine Fuel Injector Test Bench
$300,000/pc CIP
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +56 ads
The company will develop and manufacture a test bench for testing the fuel injectors of Solar industrial gas turbines. The test bench meets the...
Price on request
Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
We offer the supply of lumber Belarus
Price on request
Аист, ALC, BY +1 ad
We offer the supply of lumber Belarus Vertinsky Andrei Petrovich, Director Viber
Slim men suits from uzbekistan
Wholesale price
$25-28/pc EXW
Grandbazaar Ltd, LLC, UZ +2 ads
Dear All, We are export management company based in Uzbekistan. For the time, we would like to offer men suits manufactured by Uzbek textile...
Sealant two-component (polysulfide) for double-glazed window
1.75/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Tioseal, LS, TR
We send you the technical data of products to review our products. If you are interested in these products, we will be happy to send you any...
Price on request
Dijitalpark import export, AS, TR
Türkiye / soğan gümrükleme hizmetleri
$0.95/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
from $0.88/kg
Elita Exim, LLC, UA
Good day My name is Arkadii I’m export manager of famous Ukraine company “Sezam”, we are producer of confectionary items such as: halva,...
Cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard
Price on request
Кербос, LLC, UA
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine. Our company is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard as well as the...
Spent VMo catalyst , V2O5 vanadium pentoxide
2,000/t CFR
Garbimeta, UAB, LT
We can offer 50-300 MT of spent VMo catalyst V2O5 min 15% Mo 2-3% S 3 – 8% C 25 – 30% LOI 28 – 35% Moisture max 12% price -on cnf st....
Price on request
Agro Alliance, LLC, UA
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest the...
Алюминий особой чистоты, марка A4N6 - 99,997%
Тынчтык Азия, LLC, Bishkek +3 ads
Компания ОсОО «Тынчтык Азия» осуществляет поставку алюминия A4N6 с завода Русал в объеме до 500 тонн. Алюминий A4N6 используется в высокоточных...
Пиломатериал из России
Price on request
Тпк Трейд+, LLC, RU
В Ж/Д Тупике компании ООО тпк Трейд+ стоит погруженный вагон обрезными досками для отправки в страны СНГ. Подробности и спецификация вагона ...
Стиральный порошок
Price on request
F- Product, LLC, UZ
Предлагаем стиральный порошок собственного производства. Порошок фасуется в полиэтиленовый пакет по 300 г для торговой сети. Возможна поставка...
Price on request
Мадалиев Э., SP, Bishkek
Новый продукт TERRA от компании URSA — это минеральная изоляция для частного домостроения, отвечающая стандартам профессиональной теплоизоляции....
Отсе песок щебень гравий оптималка итд 0555095655 0702095655
som 4,500/service  
Wholesale price
som 4,500-7,500/service
Стройматериалы, NGO, Bishkek +5 ads
Доставка на камазе 15-16 тонн Бишкек
Жир говяжий топленный
Price on request
Спектр, LLC, RU
Предлагаем от производителя на постоянной основе жир топленый говяжий в/сорт, технический 1 сорт, Наливом в автоцистерны, евро кубы. заморозка...
Пчелоинвентарь, рамки ульевые, улья
rub.ru 15/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
rub.ru 12.50-13.40/pc
Душа Алтая, LLC, RU +1 ad
Рамка ульевая, Дадан, Рутт, полурамка, рамки любого образца по вашим чертежам или образцу. Изготовлю улья, комплектующие к ульям. Документы,...
Брус, доска обрезная (сосна) от производителя
Wholesale price
rub.ru 7,300-7,500/cu m EXW
Петрова Г., SP, RU
Продам пиломатериал обрезной, не обрезной отличного качества, размер и геометрия соблюдаются. Производится из сырья высокого качества. Готовы к...
Дробильное Оборудование GELEN
Price on request
Gelen Makina, AS, TR +2 ads
Производство и ввод в эксплуатацию Дробильно-Сортировочной Фабрики. Завод основан в 1981 году и занимает лидирущие позиции в Турции. Имеем опыт...
"Hadji" шоколадные Финики с миндалем
$7/kg EXW  
Wholesale price
Hadji Chocolate Dates, AS, TR
Ищем надежного партнера в вашей стране. Предлагаем высококачественную продукцию от производителя шоколадные Финики с миндалем.
Мороженная рыба
Price on request
Mikata, UAB, LT +5 ads
Сельдь, филе сельди, скумбрия, путассу, мойва, аргентина, хек, минтай, хокки, натотения, лосось, хребты и брюшки лосося, форель, горбуша, сайда,...
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